PREACHER: Parish Missions, Retreats for Clergy and Religious,
Spirituality Workshops for All

When the grammar school principal was looking for me, Sister Seraphim, my second grade teacher, replied, “Just look for a group of students. Wherever two or three are gathered, Albert is preaching in their midst.” I must have been a tad bit precocious.

As chaplain and retreat team member at Cedarbrake Retreat Center, Belton TX, I preach weekend retreats as well as days of recollection both at the retreat center and in local parishes. I also preach parish missions both inside and outside the diocese of Austin.

My approach to parish missions is a no-brainer: I preach all the weekend liturgies to introduce the theme of the parish mission. I preach a three-night parish mission geared exclusively to adults. Each evening is centered around a Liturgy of the Word and a 45-minute homily. The service lasts exactly one hour.

I also preach retreats and give workshops to priests, permanent deacons, cloistered nuns and religious sisters.