THE LORD’S PRAYER: A Summary of the Entire Gospel

In the twelve 25-minute talks of this audio series, Fr. Albert Haase, O.F.M., in his distinctively inspirational and engaging style, reflects upon each phrase of the Our Father. Now you can look deeply and contemplatively at a prayer you most likely hear or recite frequently and get a fresh glimpse of your faith.

You will discover that the first two words of the Lord’s Prayer say as much about our relationship with one another as they do about God. You’ll learn how our language stammers and stutters when speaking of a God who is totally other, who “lives in heaven.” You’ll come to appreciate God’s great dream for us which Jesus called the “kingdom of God” and how, as a co-worker for the kingdom, you can make the dream come true by living a life of peace, love and justice.

Fr. Albert brings to light the fact that everything comes from a loving divine almsgiver and will challenge you to be transformed into a Eucharistic person by becoming the daily bread that you pray for. You will explore God’s mercy and Jesus’ “revolution” — the challenge to share with your neighbor the very forgiveness that God has given to you. Finally, you will be reminded of the power of temptation and how, when you are stretched beyond your comfort zones, God can be trusted to come to your aid.

The Lord’s Prayer: A Summary of the Entire Gospel¬†will leave you convinced that this treasured prayer is not simply a way of praying but more importantly, a compact guide to living the Gospel life.

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