COMING HOME TO YOUR TRUE SELF: Leaving the Emptiness of False Attractions


In Coming Home to Your True Self, Albert Haase invites you to return home – and shows you the way to get there. “Home,” he writes, “is the sacrament of the present moment. It is only in living right now, right here, that we discover our lives and this world awash in the grace of God.” Using the story of the prodigal son to illustrate the far country of our false self and the way back home to our true self in Christ, Haase introduces us to the spiritual disciplines that can help us find the path to the Father.

Rich with insights from Haase’s experiences as a spiritual director, this is a book for the weary, the lost, the regretful and guilty – essentially, a book for us all. No matter how long you’ve walked – God is still home.

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“Extremely practical and inspirational, readers from all walks and stages in the spiritual walk will find this material refreshing and instructional.”

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