THIS SACRED MOMENT: Becoming Holy Right Where You Are

What does it mean to be a holy person? The answer might surprise you. Now in its 2nd printing, this delightful yet challenging book from spiritual director Albert Haase provides practical wisdom for becoming holy–right in the midst of “ordinary” life. “Any and every situation holds the grace for the transformation called holiness. . . . [By] imitating Christ and emptying myself for the benefit of another,” Haase writes, “I can become holy right where I am.”

He illustrates how we do this by highlighting real people becoming truly holy as they raise their kids, cope with illness, care for elderly parents or interrupt their day to show kindness to someone in the grocery store.

Haase also guides us in this new way of living, offering practices that help us discern what God is calling us to in each moment, as well as clear direction for living in the Spirit, the source of our holiness. Written in brief, engaging chapters combined with a few reflection questions, this book is designed to fit realistically into our already full lives.

“I believe that holiness is not as elusive or impossible as most of us think,” Haase says. “That’s not to say it’s easy; it certainly is not. But I think there are many people in the world . . . who know that God calls them right where they are. Living in and guided by the Spirit, they imitate Jesus: they selflessly respond to God’s call in this sacred moment for the enrichment of others.”

You can too. Here’s how.

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This was reviewed by the Englewood Review of Books.

“Haase has written an engaging book that is both reassuring and challenging for contemporary Christians desiring to become ‘holy right where you are.'”

                                  – Teresa Di Biase for Spiritual Directors International